Fabulous blog, Flip Flopping Joy, has developed a great comments policy that INCITE! blog editors endorse for the INCITE! blog.  Here’s an excerpt:

In the interest of creating a commenting zone where all voices and opinions are respected, including the voice and opinion of the blog writer, the following comment policy is implemented:

Disagreements with blog writer and fellow commenters is to be expected and is even encouraged. However, the philosophy of this blog is one of building, growing, nurturing and community/group work. Thus, disagreements will be made in a way that respects that philosophy. That is, rather than disagreeing through the process of deconstructing an idea or person, disagreement will be made through a process that recognizes the work put into creating an idea and building with and on that work.

The full policy is available here.  We encourage active and thoughtful commenting, respectful and productive disagreement when warranted, and a commitment to building the blog space as a location of rich and open engagement.

One thought on “Commenting

  1. Jaleesa Johnston says:


    While I don’t have a critique or disagreement, I just wanted to comment and applaud the blog site, as it is very informative and very much needed as a source for social justice awareness focused on women of color. Thank you and I look forward to future blog posts.

    -Jaleesa Johnston
    Women of Color Alliance at Vassar College

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