Misogyny on the Mag Mile: A Turning Point

Radical Faggot

151127-chicago-black-friday-protest-yh-0117p_1181ac2236b6a6d32f739717f3ba9d41.nbcnews-fp-1200-800 After Black, queer women organizers were physically attacked on the Magnificent Mile, we must ask what the next steps of our movement will be–and who will be leading us.

Several prominent Chicago youth organizers—all of them Black women, and the majority of them queer—were physically assaulted on Black Friday during the hugely successful shutdown of the Magnificent Mile in honor of Laquan McDonald.

The religious leaders and community elders who called for the demonstration rallied early in the day at the Water Tower in the Loop. Several youth organizations—BYP100, FLY and Assata’s Daughters—were invited to participate, and appeared in several photo ops with Jesse Jackson Sr. and other public figures, the majority of them men.

As organizers began to address the crowd, several well-known Black elders forced their way to the front, pushed youth organizers back from the mic, and one man actually began elbowing a young, Black, queer woman in the…

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