Mama Sana/Vibrant Woman Clinic Releases New Report Examining Racial Inequities In Austin, Texas!

“This Mother’s Day, we want more than flowers and cards – we want the city of Austin to take action to support the health and wellness of ALL our mothers and babies, and ALL our families,” says Kellee Coleman, Mama Sana/Vibrant Woman Program Coordinator. 

Check out their Mama Sana/Vibrant Woman’s recent report examining institutional racism in Austin, and ways to support their work—which includes the development of an equity assessment tool and a call to support for demonstration projects thatdirectly address inequities faced by low-income women of color—here: 

Mama Sana/Vibrant Woman

Austin is recognized as a “family-friendly” city but is this true for all of its residents? Mama Sana/Vibrant Woman, a women’s health project of Mamas of Color Rising*, presents community-based participatory research that calls into question Austin’s reputation as a family-friendly city for the majority of its residents. The research looks at key indicators that affect the health and well-being of families and evaluates the lived experience for low-income women of color and their families in Austin. The methods include focus groups and surveys as well as individual and group interviews. Taken together, the primary and secondary data provide key insights that show that race and class impact how well families thrive and even survive in Austin.

This report offers concrete recommendations to city government and to the community at large in order to move Austin towards becoming a model city in equitable development.

Check out Full Report Here.


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