On running a community-based murder investigation, resisting violence against Indigenous women, atomic bombs and burnout: An interview with Indigenous feminist Audrey Huntley

Everyday Abolition/Abolition Every Day

Audrey HuntleyEveryday Abolition: Alright, so. Hi, Audrey, thanks so much for talking with us today. I wanted to just start by asking if you can tell us a bit about the database that No More Silence is creating.

Audrey Huntley: The database will document violent deaths and missing indigenous women, trans and two-spirited people. It expands on the list that we would print up on February 14th and hand out when we do our ceremony at police headquarters. That list honors missing and murdered women in Ontario, but over the years we’ve often been asked to include people’s loved ones who’ve committed suicide, because they were actually driven to commit suicide like a young girl, Jewel, Jamie Jamieson’s daughter, who hung herself after being bullied for several weeks. In her mother’s view, she was killed by the bullying.  We started thinking about it as death by colonialism and want to broaden…

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